We Are Beautiful!

In ancient times beauty was related to mathematic proportion and was identified with the discipline of music and art composition; “beautiful was something incorruptible, which is the highest goal granted to the human (general) intellect”. With the post-Fordism individualization of labor, beauty itself has been undermined by the exploitative power of capitalism through the assimilation of the whole of our bare lives within economic production.

Writing, studying and yet our capacity to be creative has shifted from the terrain of beauty, of the not labor, to the terrain of productivity. Many of us, young workers,  unknown the organization of production within the 8h factory/office working time and tasks should be always invented anew, created. Working penetrates within the personal intimacy of the domestic sphere, turning it into a productive space and isolating any possibility of collectivity. Not many choices are permitted within a room which seems an office rather than a place of beautiful creativity.

We are beautiful refers to us, architects, researchers, creative workers. A multitude living within a society that with the rhetoric of beauty tries to hide the political problematics of precariousness, instability, and all-day working. We propose co-working as a first step to escape from isolation within which we are constrained and to gain a new condition where beauty is accepted for its nature: a common terrain within individual labor. The evocative space of the library, temple of knowledge and creativity, gives form to new possibilities of working and living together; a new collective room for the “creative workers” of Tallin where they could finally be represented and reclaim their role within the construction of the contemporary city.

We Are Beautiful!
Proposal for the Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2019: New Habitats, New Beauties
Competition, 2019

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